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Nowadays, everybody knows about Tory Burch Reva shoes. But this now 40 something year old designer had a little bit of a rough start when she decided to go into the fashion industry. In the beginning she was working out of her home designing and actually crafting her outfits. Is was a one-woman enterprise. But as we all know, things have changed quite a bit since then. Tory Burch has now expanded all over the world and she just recently announced that she plans on opening several more stores in the United States and in Asia. So things must be going very good for her. Which is also good for me and all her fans, because we love Tory’s designs. The offer something unique. Not too flamboyant, yet elegant and comfortable at the same time. And the best part is, you can actually afford her fashion as all her merchandise is very competitively priced.

Yes, I admit it can get annoying with me at times. And sometimes I feel even a little bit sorry for my husband. I am a Tory Burch shoe enthusiast and as a matter of fact, I collect her footwear. If you are somewhat familiar with the Tory Burch product portfolio, then you probably know that this designer has virtually hundreds of different models. Do I have them all? No, not yet. But I’m working on it. After our master bedroom closet was literally bursting because of all the shoes, my husband voluntarily remodeled our basement. Now I have access to three rooms stuffed with shelves which are loaded with shoes. I called it my Tory Burch showroom and most of our guests will get the pleasure to get a free tour. For 2012, I have promised my family to scale it down a little bit and limit the number of new shoes I’m going to purchase. So this year I committed to only buy one pair of new Tory Burch shoes per month.